Search IT People was responsible finding candidates for the job, which I now possess.

 The dialogue with Search IT People was established on their initiative, and it was the result of a very thorough and professional research. The entire process up to my employment in my present job was characterised by an extremely thorough and yet relaxed atmosphere. A lot of emphasize was put on meeting and matching my preferences, strengths and weaknesses with the opportunities in the job.

 During the process I did not at any time feel any pressure about applying for the job, which I have now got. Allready now I feel, that the mutual expectations from myself and from my new employer are a perfect match.

 I am happy, that I was contacted by Search IT People.”

Holger Pedersen

I was headhuntet – as you say – for my present job by Search IT People.

This is the first time, that I have ever tried to become headhuntet, and it may as well also be the last, because I have got myself a fantastic job. As a matter of fact I was not even looking for another job, before I was contacted by Search IT People.

To the best of my knowledge, the whole process was extremely professional. Of course, the process went extremely fast. However, at the same time my experience was, that I got the help and support necessary to way pros and cons about the job offer, and finally to make a sincere decision. I have not in any way regretted the decision.

Search IT People has my warmest recommendations.”

Peter Andersen

From the initial dialogue and until the signing of my employment contract I experienced a professional, comitted, and ongoing update of me as well as of my new (present) employer.

Search IT People was the right match for me, because they understood my wishes right from beginning, and they found the perfect job for me. The match was a combination of my wishes and the demands from the job description

Mads Frederiksen

“I have only three words about my experience with Search IT People, who provided me with a new job: Perfect (the very right job for me), professional (work) and perceptively (a correct overall picture).”

Gerda Jacobsen