The search for new it employees is a very important and time consuming process, which has to be performed in parallel to a lot of other important activities, and, therefore, very often puts heavy pressure on you as a manager. We at Search IT exclusively focus on this process, because it is our daily focus only to search for it managers and it specialists. We offer:

• a full-search process based on the 5 classical phases in a search process
• an individual agreed search process where we on an individual basis take responsibility for agreed parts of the search process
• total staffing of an it project or an it department – we take the responsibility for up as well as down scaling of staff based on an agreed schedule
• If you need an Interim Manager or –specialist, we are able to handle that as well

During the whole search process we always have a close dialogue with you as agreed.

It is very important for us that you as a client feel comfortable. Therefore, we offer 6 months warranty on a standard full-search process. This means that we perform a new search process without any charge, if the employment is terminated within the first 6 months of employment.