Thinking Positively

I disse Corona (Covid-19) tider med lock-down, hjemmearbejde og virtuelle møder er det ikke hele så nemt at fokusere på karrieren som det har været eller normalt er. Håb og optimisme er væsentlige ingredienser i denne periode.

En god strategi er positiv tænkning. Den følgende artikel “Thinking Positively, der er sakset fra seneste nyhedsbrev fra Cornerstone International Group, kan måske benyttes som inspiration. 

Positive Thinking, Benefits and Tips

What is thinking positively? It is a way of processing information with an optimistic outlook. Positive thinkers believe in themselves and their abilities, as well as the ability of their work or family/friends circles. Positive thinkers feel confident that they can conquer whatever obstacles they encounter.

Positive thinking has several great benefits for your career:

It reduces stress levels: You see challenges as minor setbacks rather than triggers for stress, and not to dwell on problems but be able to move on.

It boosts productivity: Positive thinking reduces stress. It also increases energy level, making you more alert, better equipped to perform your duties, and keeping a better focus.

It improves problem-solving: Positive people are better equipped to consider various possibilities, which is a good trait for problem-solving.

It supports skill acquisition: As positive thinking opens your mind, it helps you learn from your coworkers and master new skills through formal training programs. It will also give you confidence to try new things.

It helps decision-making: Without stress impacting your judgment, a positive mindset can help you make clearer, better decisions.

It enables you to seize opportunities: A positive attitude encourages you to take advantage of opportunities, more confidence in stepping out of your comfort zone, and see opportunities as chances for advancement, rather than threats.

It facilitates interaction: Many people naturally gravitate to positive people. When you interact well with others, you find teamwork and networking easier and discover more people support your ideas and career trajectory.

It helps you manage feedback and conflict: Positive thinkers see feedback and conflict as opportunities for growth and improvement. Feedback helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses so you can become a better employee.

It increases resiliency: A positive attitude does not guarantee everything will always go your way, but it will help you put career obstacles in perspective and continue moving forward with a determination to


Changing your attitude and thinking positively is a valuable professional habit. The following techniques have been proven to help many people improve their mindset and think more positively:

ü Assess your thought habits: Take some time to analyze how and why you process information. When a person reacts negatively in a situation, shift your thoughts from you being at fault, to the bigger picture that the person maybe having a bad day or stressed by something outside of work.

ü Practice self-care: A healthy body is essential for a healthy mind. Such as adequate sleep of 8 hours per night and a nutritious balanced diet.

ü Enjoy mood-boosting activities: Positive thinking is easiest when you are in a healthy mindset. Take time for activities that release stress and improve your mood, in activities or hobbies which you enjoy. Feeling good would improve your outlook.

ü Surround yourself with positive people: The positivity of other people can elevate your own mood. Try to cultivate relationships with positive coworkers.

ü Being grateful for life and all blessings increase the positive outlook to no end. Nurturing both body and mind.

And, Tips for maintaining a POSITIVE MINDSET

Challenge negative thoughts: For example a tight deadline does not have to be an unsurmountable challenge. It can be an opportunity to improve your productivity. When you see the flaws in your negative thinking, keeping a positive mindset is much easier.

Look for the good things: Seek out good things happening around you, and focus on them when you feel your positive outlook slipping. The love of your family and friends, the support of your colleagues and even the beauty of nature can all make you feel more positively. Carry those positive thoughts with you wherever you go.

Change the things in your control: You cannot control everything in life, so focus on what you can. Be a problem solver to improve your situation when things go wrong. If you cannot find a solution, look for lessons learned and comfort yourself with the knowledge that things can always get better.

Focus on the big picture: If you feel yourself succumbing to negativity, ask whether your challenges will matter in the future. This question can make problems seem smaller and give you the peace you need to maintain your positive mindset.

Accept your mistakes: Making mistakes is simply part of being human, so try not to dwell on yours. Every mistake is a learning opportunity. Forgive yourself and move on.

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